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Dec 2, 2009

Miele CombiSet Cooktop Collection Wins Design Honor

Miele, the world’s largest family-owned appliance company, has recently won Interior Design’s esteemed Merit award in the appliance category for their newly updated CombiSet™ cooktop collection. This innovative product range allows customers to pool a variety of power sources together, creating their ultimate, personalized cooking surface. From double and single burner modules powered by induction, electric and gas to boiler/fryer and the debut of a Tepan Yaki contact griddle, the build-in options are countless for both expansive and space challenged kitchens. “To be recognized among hundreds of entries by Interior Design is a wonderful compliment,” says Paul McCormack, Senior Marketing Manager for Miele, Inc. “This award showcases Miele’s legendary engineering talent of creating products that go beyond the exemplary and we humbly accept it on behalf of our German colleagues in the design department who work endlessly to innovate appliances that not only work better than others, but also take appliance design to the highest level.”

Miele CombiSet

Miele CombiSet

Interior Design magazine received more than 1,200 entries and the online voting system garnered nearly 30,000 votes, narrowing down the category finalists. Winners were announced at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City in early December. This is the 4th annual Best of the Year Awards, the industry’s preeminent design competition recognizing superior projects and products in 65 categories.

“The Best of the Year awards are a very prestigious honor, as the finalists are selected by the design community. And while Miele’s innovative products certainly garner elite status on their own merits, winning a Best of the Year Merit is certainly a wonderful validation,” says Mark Strauss, Publisher, Interior Design.

Miele’s updated CombiSets™ launched earlier this year feature a stunning new stainless design, with sleek steel knobs and an ergonomically inclined control panel. The line boasts innovative new products including an induction unit and a Japanese Tepan Yaki. A slightly larger width of 15” on various models now offers small space chefs room for large pots.

As a complement to Miele’s induction cooktops introduced last year, the new CombiSet™ range offers a sleek, single 15” induction unit, perfectly suited for efficient and powerful custom applications.

All CombiSet™ modules are perfectly matched to one another in terms of their design and functional characteristics so consumers can mix and match to form their own personal cooking space. Every imaginable combination of individual elements is available from induction, gas and electric to deep fryer and Tepan Yaki. Integrating gas with electric or even induction offers flexible opportunities that just aren’t available with standard cooktops.

Tepan Yaki

Invented by the Japanese, Tepan Yaki is a heated stainless steel surface that provides unmatched sautéing results. The secret is the intensive contact heat surface that seals in juices. The Tepan Yaki is equipped with two separate heating circuits that can warm vegetables on the rear while simultaneously searing fine fillets on the front. Miele’s Tepan Yaki (model CS 1326 Y) is offered in a 15” width.

Induction CombiSet™

As a complement to Miele’s induction cooktops introduced last year, the new CombiSet™ range offers a sleek, single 15” induction unit, perfectly suited for efficient and powerful custom applications. Using the safe transfer of energy through magnetic fields to the cookware, induction offers unmatched energy efficiency, lightning fast heat-up times, precise control and easy cleanup. Through superb design, Miele induction units utilize 90% of energy produced, compared to 55% for gas, keeping kitchens cool and comfortable. Thanks to an advanced layout configuration, induction units offer a shallow mounting depth, allowing integration of a drawer directly below.

Gas Combisets™

Gas is the most popular of the CombiSet™ modules and the new generation provides an expanded offering: Two single classic wok burners in 11 3/8” or 15” widths and a double burner in 11 3/8” width. Miele’s innovative spiral burners are distinguished by a unique flame pattern, ensuring optimum distribution of the heat below the pan. The grate design is elegantly narrow and matches the sophistication of the entire CombiSet™ range. All gas units are state-of-the-art in terms of safety and have an electronically controlled quick-acting ignition and re-ignition system. This ensures that the gas feed is interrupted if the flame is ever extinguished, e.g. by a gust of wind, rendering automatic re-ignition unsuccessful. The electronic control also ensures that the appliances deactivate themselves automatically after four hours of continuous operation.

Electric CombiSets™

Miele’s electric CombiSets™ feature an easy-to-clean and beautifully durable black ceramic surface. Circular heating elements provide precise and intense radiant heat with residual heat indicators for added safety. Two electric CombiSets™ are included in the new range: The 11 3/8” wide module features two burners; plus a 15” wide module that is equipped with a single cooking zone as well as a cooking/casserole zone for larger applications.

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