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Brandon Lyons When your roommate uses the oven during the hottest part of a 90 degree day
Atsushi Murasakibara In the fridge should be a lot of maiubo to spent before expired, want some?
Sarah McGonagall Kehlani out here looking like a freshly glazed cinnamon roll pulled straight from the oven. https://twitter.com/tsnmi/status/1008884162256781312
Geri New Liberal word- Feckless. Ha,Ha. Calling the kettle black. Do they know what the word means? I think not. https://twitter.com/Lrihendry/status/100854202095943...
𝓓𝓲𝓼𝓷𝓮𝔂𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮_𝓧𝓸 Did you really say this after subtweeting me for almost the past week now? Pot, meet kettle... https://twitter.com/makeup_lovinmom/status/100888573...
𝒹𝑒𝒷𝓈 I literally just drove back to work cuz I forgot my block of cheese in the fridge 😂😭
$iennaaa Does other families kept their cereals on top of the fridge or is it just my family???
NONcentralCONF NONTICKETS NON central CONF Just check the NONcentralCONF agenda. Just released in our website. Hot from the oven 🔥🔥🔥...have a look at http://www.noncentralconf.com-/ and get your NONTICKETS . It is gonna be crypto-epic!!🚀🚀🚀
IoT Updates Bot UPDATE: The button on your rice cooker is broken.
Liam Armstrong Getting my credit card out ready for the delivery man... I've put a pizza in the oven ffs, Liam SOBER UP.
Ebony Cleaning the fridge and came across some left over food. Don’t mind if I do😋
Jy Pouring a y’all bowl of cereal and opening the fridge to no milk https://twitter.com/jazmineruizzz/status/10074201944...
Paul K. To the driver in front of me who had to slow down and block traffic to gesture to a person who slowed down to change lanes, blocking traffic. Pot calling kettle. Just saying.
Billboard Fitness Kettle bell row from plank.
Lost At Last I guess @littlecaesars doesn’t do Hot N Ready anymore? I always come in and have to wait for a pizza to be put in the oven now.
Limpopo transdisciplinary ISTP ETH Dr. Attie van Niekerk of @nova_home shared how they have worked with residents of Molati, a rural village in the Limpopo province, to develop a more efficient cook stove for wood use in rural households, using a transdisciplinary approach. Read more: https://istp.ethz.ch/news/2018/06/with-households-...
️Batool Mustafa The fridge is the warmest thing in our house. And it always got my back at the midnight..
Elena Hunt Is your kitchen towel always falling off the oven handle? This Happy Hanging Towel is beautiful and with its design, it will stay in place. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/happy-han... https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/happy-han...
thatisjusttosay I have mugged the pamelo that was in the fridge & which you were possibly saving for brunch Suit me it was stinky so mated & so trial
Serious Eats Too hot to stew tomatoes all day? That's where the pressure cooker comes in. https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/10/how-to-make-qu...
FamilyVacationFail Ruby 🦕 On our way to San Antonio our air conditioner broke so for the rest of the trip we drove in a traveling oven. It was in the middle of July. IN TEXAS FamilyVacationFail
Autumn💫 Apparently I slept walk and started making soup so now there's a kettle of soup cooking that I don't really want
ChildhoodSmellsLike TC RESTANI ChildhoodSmellsLike Ellio's Pizza cooking in a toaster oven.
The Minority Gay™ If this ain't the pot calling the kettle black... https://twitter.com/Eron_the_Saint/status/1008846290...
Keto Goodies Fresh Keto Snickerdoodle cookie dough going into the oven! We had an amazing opening weekend and we can’t thank you enough! We sold out almost immediately! Our website has been updated with this round of fresh baked cookies, so don’t wait too long as we expect the cookies to…
Jay Buchman When life's got you down, remember that K-pop star Sung Ji-yeon's special talent is imitating the sound of a pressure cooker.
rose Uh, i eat raw onions straight out of the fridge https://twitter.com/okigboxl/status/1008074652822974464
Darcy VanHorn Appears the old hag has a multi strain antibiotic resistant UTI... Probably from eating all those aborted fetus’s the spirit cooker prepared for her and slick Willy throughout the years! @realDonaldTrump https://twitter.com/education4libs/status/1008826157...
Michelle ⭐️🍒 God its so hot that the popsicles in the fridge are slushied/melting
Jonny 🇬🇧 Despite Ryanair delays, really looking forward to spending the next few days in Budapest. The apartment owner has filled tje fridge with wreck the hoose juice, and I'm obliging! 🇭🇺
Krustian Everyone on Snapchat is out there having social and productive lives meanwhile I'm over here recording my stove cause there's this pot that spins when you place it on top and push it a little
ali I’ve decided you’ve never really cooked until your hands and arms are littered in old and new burn scars from the oven.
bachelorette teamgarrett Ali Clarke Bra is off, pajamas are on, udon noodles on the stove, wine in the freezer, GETTING bachelorette READY! teamgarrett
news BadOpinions Meg Felling The Internet is not as much of an echo chamber of misinformation as it is a dutch oven of screaming thought farts. news BadOpinions #
Miles Fomin When you pour cereal in a bowl and then look inside the fridge to realize there is no milk https://twitter.com/caitthagreatt/status/10076943812...
⭐️JES BOT⭐️ Yes you not having a dishwasher like do you plan to make a positive impact on our Earth?
Isaac Spaceman This actually doesn’t surprise me, because this whole party, starting at the top, believes that human value & accomplishment are defined by what things you have. How can you be poor if you have a TV/cell phone/fridge/etc.? https://twitter.com/juddlegum/status/100882473216529...
MM But it’s a dry heat...so it is if you put your head in the oven! https://twitter.com/teddflorendo/status/100882977058...
tunasalad guacamole bruschetta lettuce Miss Jacques When it’s this hot outside, I avoid turning on my oven for meals! tunasalad guacamole bruschetta lettuce
Quotes Edward A Price If God had wanted to use a slow-cooker… ➡https://twitter.com/edwardaprice
miaa Okay but why does fridge have a d in it and refrigerator doesn’t......
Bot Dreaming Searching for a refrigerator, I swim away and observe Adolf Hitler cry in my own mouth
Healthy Vegi Meals Mix ramen, teabag, and Nesquik then put it in the oven.
Missy Can anybody recommend a fridge technician person in the Southern Suburbs? One who will actually come out & not just tell me over the phone that it sounds like a need a new fridge. 🙄I'm tired of constantly scraping ice off my freezer to get the drawers open.
rcbot17 Your stove, that of stroke Wheel
CriminalMinds christina mutena 🇰🇪 Why do killers hide behind the fridge door?? One minute they aint .. the next they be there!! CriminalMinds
Karen Masnica I like to clean out my fridge before traveling for a week. This means I just ate half a salami, some carrots, and cereal for lunch.
Barry M Messer Anybody’s else with kids refrigerator look like this
CLEAN cut jakob That’s just how it normally smells when you don’t have all organic life cooking in an oven. Smh. https://twitter.com/zane_webster/status/100785234738...
annie What's always in your fridge? — Vegetables and soy milk https://ask.fm/AnnieRichardsss/answers/14868560872...
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