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Dorann Weber My 10 contributors copies of @ChickenSoupSoul :The Magic of Christmas arrived yesterday! My story, Santa's Helper is included! It's a rainy, chilly day here and we have the wood burning stove fired up. It's the perfect day to hunker down and read. It will go on sale, Oct. 11th!
b I go over my friends house without letting them know before hand and just raid their fridge
Alan 🦫 | TODAY'S THE DAYYYY I can't take a nap I don't have anyone to wake me up when something happens I hate it here I'm gonna stan BTS from now on
Splatoon3 NintendoSwitch Rodri’s Rebel Alliance Arc Secret Kettle completed. Splatoon3 NintendoSwitch https://twitter.com/Rodri7567/status/1576684728295...
fallball ebaseballe 5 Diamonds U11 (2023 season) - Hartland Hawks def. Kettle Moraine Lasers 17-9 fallball ebaseballe
Auwally🇳🇬 The cooker of the month. Don't worry, it is your time, enjoy it while it last. https://twitter.com/BrentfordFC/status/1576570816686...
Today Mithra is eating.... I'm so hungry.. is there any coal in the fridge?
VirtualReality SaaS Room Bonelab was pulled from the oven before it was done baking. VirtualReality via https://twinybots.ch https://www.reddit.com/r/virtualreality/comments/x...
Wicked Gyal Dem a sell some very tuff peas a rd enuh. Had to put them back in the pressure cooker, this nuh mek sense
oskcar Backwoods are Low key very cigarette
Higalaay Bot MURAG: The voxes are more commonly known as the Five. CARBS: (incredible boiling kettle impression)
poliscicooks poliscibakes Kevin Baron 🧙🏻‍♂️😵‍💫🙊 These bad boys just came out of the oven, and if you can’t tell, they’re po’boy rolls, which means I’m making shrimp po’ boys for dinner. Next to making remoulade. Soundtrack provided by one of my NOLA-native favs Stanton Moore. poliscicooks poliscibakes
👁sarah🌞 My fridge looks like how lisa’s fridge looked… i hate it here. iykyk
NXW Quotes "Someone show me how to make those 'nachos' again in the magic beepy-oven." Natsu
Maisie 🖤 Did this on the fridge, jglf is asleep so he's not seen it yet, so here you go, Twitter
🦋EVA🦋 Rocket stove for emergency cooking, no fuel needed. Started very easy. Light, easy to use, and cute 🤣💖 How are you prepping? https://twitter.com/edawson78/status/1576605889179...
Luka Well, since it's October, an idea comes to mind! First off, he fills a pot with water, placing it atop a stove and allowing the water to begin to boil. Whilst that's preparing, he begins to peel some potatoes, before tossing the peeled potatoes in the water. 1/6 https://twitter.com/TheSnekQueen/status/157648319063...
✌🏾🌻 Lol biolyte just liked one of my tweets! As many people as I’ve put on in the last few years they should sponsor me ! I literally keep at least 12 in the fridge @drinkbiolyte
eli schutze Maybe I do want the tiktok IKEA non-round lazy susan for the fridge
Mum. The duties even rolled over into my personal life lol my son stays on top expiring food dates in my our fridge lol he plays no games 🤣
Jessie 🍓🍰 I love it so much when jj raises her voice. my crops are watered and fridge is full
liang yu Outdoor Gas Heating Stove
Noel Skum Idea for an invention: a solar-powered refrigerator that explodes potatoes. If you don't like it you're a tool
vanessa norman I can’t wait for the part to fix my oven to come in the mail 🙄
Clutter Connections Oh my..please tell me I'm not the only one to enjoy watching people on the internet fill their food/fridge containers!! https://twitter.com/clutter_connect/status/1576591...
Kyle Ready to cover the casserole in the oven? https://twitter.com/bykimberleya/status/157657297061...
motaile quhado If youre not supposed to eat at night, why is there a light bulb in the refrigerator?
Space Captain Zemo Ah, guess the crazy straws can't go into the dishwasher 😑
Frelissimo: SNK shill and proud of it! My fridge has been posessed by a ghost 😱
ᴍɪɴ ♡ HC 🍒 Yes stove league season 2 when 😔 i already watch that drama for 3rd times hmm https://twitter.com/iconickdramas/status/15765548374...
fire matt canada Left over bananas = banana bread in the oven 🤌🏻
Steph Fall weather brings out my favorite kind of content: what everyone has in their slow cooker today. We have a pot roast brewing right now!
sillylolibot OH NO! I left the cookies in the oven too long!
rabia O'chaudry Wonder where they learned this from? 🤔🤔🤔 “Room 9 was for waterboarding, Mosyakyn said. He described how they covered his face with a cloth bag and poured water from a kettle onto him to mimic the sensation of drowning.” https://twitter.com/etuckerap/status/157655074642578...
OSC Anything Bot Rook accidentally left the stove on for too long
Beth Sachs This crispy apple coleslaw recipe is just perfect with slow cooker pulled pork and roast potatoes! One of our favourite family feasts 😋 Get the recipe => https://www.effortlessfoodie.com/easy-apple-colesl...
moogal Loaf of bread has just gone in the oven. Hoping it's more successful than my last attempt. It's risen nicely after proving so I'm optimistic
J.T. 🇱🇷 Yeah he’s talking pain on this track https://music.apple.com/us/album/grandmas-stove-fe...
✨na gardenia fengzi ⁷ ✨ Me: [opens fridge & send the decaying broccoli to everybody] 😈😈😈 https://twitter.com/kloogans/status/1576227407761403904
Peter Kay Truss look like she’s political fridge food. Her use by date has already passed. Spoilt after exposure to heat in the kitchen and very obviously contaminated with rich financial parasites
Ray Bxxx At Dianella it is currently 2022-10-02 5:53 pm and the Outside Temperature on top of the Beer Fridge is 19.63 Degrees Celcius
CookingWithLesego Lesego 🐼 Oven baked Creamy Hake in 30 minutes. 👩🏾‍🍳 CookingWithLesego https://twitter.com/MissLesegoS/status/1576503902253...
ToryConference chris amdorble🇺🇦🇺🇦 I hope the Tory Party have their ToryConference plans in place I would suggest a suitably strategically placed fridge adjacent to the stage for the conclusion of the Liz Truss PM speech. Some respite will be required. Perhaps a thoughtful piece of cheese could be included
Bucko Nguyens Blvd. My entire life I’ve hand washed dishes completely before putting them in the dishwasher. The amount of time and water I’ve wasted is guillotine worthy
Darryl Meades 🚆🚌⛴️📻 The iconic LWT "river" ident (I know @lombardwall would appreciate that 😉), a fantastic theme and the inimitable Brian Walden...can almost smell that Sunday roast in the oven... https://twitter.com/tvark/status/1576104733252648960
Mike Honcho Pops put a padlock on the fridge https://twitter.com/vincestaples/status/157631917438...
Zep It's been an expensive Saturday but my hair is cut and fridge/gas tanks are full so could be worse
gr☆cie Shasta stayed collecting dust in that lil cabinet above the fridge https://twitter.com/vincestaples/status/157631917438...
andrea | 9 “kettle cooked chips” england does that mean the chips is fried in a kettle with oil or
why do they call it oven Why does it call it rice cooker when xe out eat eat the in the
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