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jpzbot 神霊廟 Komachi please don't put your scythe in the refrigerator jpzbot
fumi bot 💚 I'd like to have a fridge in here
Kid Narco Sue me, I like it. Discretely chopped and screwed funk and pressure cooker-compressed
The Squirmy Worm 👀 Good morning 👀...is that the fridge I hear opening? What's for brekkie!? 😋
rosie tucker lyric bot Well i poured my sins to a fluorescent sky and the stove caught my tears and the sink saw me cry
lorraine Crimper Jo is hawaii five oh. Many years a go, my mate was evolved in a chip pan fire. His numb nuts mrs overheated a chip pan. He shouted to get it off the cooker. She moved it to another hob what also was on. He took it outside, except they lived in a flat. She opens bottom door, then....lorraine
Finepix A400 Owner How to ruin both an oven and a dildo in one simple step! 1. bake the dildo
Aaron Stephen The refrigerator is loaded with sweets i need insulin tomorrow
Barbara Nadel Thank you! Now get that kettle on! https://twitter.com/bronaghgallagh1/status/139275130...
Kerrykay_collection 🌟Stainless steel kettle with filter ♦️1.0 liters kshs 1300/= ♦️1.5 liters kshs 1500/= ♦️2.0 litres kshs 1600/= 🌟DM/📲0721680370
ji I remember when i was a kid i liked the flavor of this one medicine so i drank all of it then my parents saw me shaking in front of the refrigerator so they rushed me to the hospital
🚀✨💥$trātø$phërë💥✨🚀 It’s spaghetti in the fridge
Emily: Vaccinated/Still Bored I like that someone brought an oven mitt to the MLB one day and was like “it’s a sliding mitt that will be $60” and they were like “done”
HAZSLAY Chelsea🇮🇳 ࿗ Your fridge actually hit michy''s balls and wasn't sent off and also literally pulled azpi in October's clash....so you should be the last one mofo https://twitter.com/Ansh71063729/status/139269972632...
nic Is your refrigerator running @TheEllenShow
Mari Nipple piercing problems: hitting them on the fridge door🙃 OUCH🥺
🌺Sable🌷 Late night curry time. commence the rice cooker
ParkerBond usePrivilege(stopRacism) You couldn't pay me to choose a "smart" fridge over a regular one. https://twitter.com/shanselman/status/13926740763977...
Allie 6 beers in and I'm debating on the can of victory ipa I have in the fridge
Bearded Axe Mind of Horrors I'm muuuuuuch further away. If I was... watching Horror Movies, eating pizza, popping popcorn on the stove, chopping wood, telling scary stories by the fire, therapy sessions & life lessons w/ Dr Axe... would be on the "Bearded Axe Sitter Services" fun list. *knocks on door slow https://twitter.com/Quintuga/status/1392685400116793346
VWFC OptimistsUnion Yours in Sport After a tight Whitecaps loss, it’s very important to eat a lot of cheesy oven enchiladas. VWFC OptimistsUnion
ThatOneDadYouKnow It dawned on me that when @chyckweed comes to visit, she might not want to see me chugging orange juice out of the container. Guess I'll be ducking behind the fridge door! https://twitter.com/_Nic_Diamond_/status/139269952...
Black & proud 🥰 Do u guys fry fries or baked them in the oven?
AJaeee🌻 Always talking bout I want cookies and by the time I done taste test when they come out the oven I don't want again
Mark D. Kim Reynolds taking $ out of Iowans pockets to give it back to the government because they don't have enough burger flippers and floor cleaners. Not because some of her buddy's are getting unemployment, it's her buddy's needing a driver or dishwasher. Remember come Election time!
P I’ve never used my rice cooker and I’ve had it for 4 years
adrian (taylor's version) 🍂 'Cause there we are again in the middle of the night We're dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light Down the stairs, I was there I remember it all too well, yeah
🇵🇷 The kettle corn Popcorners are so addicting
The Lupayye (She/Her) I say as I open my full sized fridge every day… https://twitter.com/immrtransistor/status/1392649244...
ThickAhonas 🧚🏾‍♀️✨ Trying decide if I wanna slave over a hot stove or just buy something from somebody already sweating by the hour 😅
AJ🪶 #EVERGLOWISCOMING #StandWithAin Does a dishwasher have to be this hot? https://twitter.com/se0arms/status/1392344601999122433
Alex I think where I drop the ball as an adult is keeping my fridge stocked. Yes there is always iced coffee and Coke Zero but there is never any food lol
kat⁷ ♡'s gyu is back There's kfc laying in the fridge but it feels illegal to eat any
Temecula Lazy Dog Careers Want to work at Lazy Dog Restaurant? We're hiring in Temecula, CA! Click for details: https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/LAZ1001/JobBoard/5...
Halo: Reach ➐ Jack Dorsey closes the fridge door with his hips
Jo This random but it’s crazy how foil be in the hot oven but it’s hot to touch. How that work lol
Silvina Why on earth do people try to talk to you on snapchat? I can't remember what I opened the fridge for, how am I supposed to remember a message I sent hours ago???
aika Its so hot in the philippines i feel like im inside an oven with layers of thick clothes on
Bifurious Jones Progesterone has turned me into a marshmallow girl with a non-stop desire to inhale the whole fridge Oh no wait that's just been me since age 19 The consecutive girl orgasms that leave me shaking well, those I can definitely blame on the progesterone
𝓜𝓮𝓴𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓪🌌 Ah yes, I love cooking over a hot stove with no a/c
Douglas Emhoff (real) I have a 3lb cross rib roast in my fridge. I’ve covered it in salt, pepper, and chili powder. How should I cook it tomorrow?
vivanne I only ate these when there was nothing in the fridge, cabinets, and pantry... https://twitter.com/fuckyocurve/status/1392238344877...
Trump2024 Ed Croce Fierce Paws Open the refrigerator....take out the woke....Trump2024
ya pops 🚸 Don’t rush it.. let that mf marinate and sit that thang in the oven
Jessicatniss Everdeen 🌞☀︎︎ I’m just a girl standing in front of a fridge asking it to feed me
wormily I think the most cursed thing about me is my love for kettle chips and vegan mayo
🦂 I put my hand on a stove, to see if I still bleed, And nothing hurts anymore, I feel kinda free
Sakura 🌸 Now I'm thinking about that pizza sitting in the fridge
Rose 🍵 I’m taller than my fridge!!!!!!!!!
3/11 I got a T bone steak marinating in the fridge 🥰🥵🤤
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