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Colin A wee find at the back of the fridge 👍😍
j. The worst happened … I ran out of boom chicka pop sweet and salty kettle corn
Himbo Slice ♐🇧🇿 For everyone who said Bron would sit a game to purposely break the record vs the Bucks , leave the stove on, you might be onto something 👀👨🏾‍🍳 https://twitter.com/BA_Turner/status/162164138342873...
Bill Andrulot It's serious when it come to "defending you" against your gas stove but a foreign adversary invading your airspace... you're on your own, goodluck! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/internal-biden-ad...
AEWRampage Blackhat AEWRampage and @JRsBBQ is waiting for all of us at the end of this work week. https://jrsbbq.com has your Valentine covered. JRs Grillmaster Apron bundle is a perfect gift! The oven mitt is embroidered with the BlackHat logo. Let’s have fun tonight? #
The Sports Stove Podcast Tune in Sunday at 8pm for The Sports Stove Fantasy Baseball Show we will discuss ⚾️ Shift ban’s fantasy impact ⚾️ Rule changes, Free Agency, MLB news ⚾️ Catcher rankings, Sleepers and Busts @BellyUpFantasy https://www.youtube.com/live/_A3_k_qLPSU?feature=share
Dennis Moon On a bitter cold day like today with the temp at ZERO, I'm grateful for my natural gas furnace and my wood burning stove. 🔥
ElJeffe&ButkusMaximus I remember one time my mom told me “ if there is one burrito in the refrigerator we’re all gonna eat ! “
jon I also froze a fair few raw chillies today, not thought of doing before and leave in fridge and then end up throwing some away when they turn
ٓ Was at a party someone else’s house last night and 😭😭 jaemin what are u doing in the fridge
Terry Iwaniw 🇺🇲🇺🇦 The clowns putting on a show. Sens. Cruz, Manchin Team Up To Fight A Nonexistent Gas Stove Ban https://news.yahoo.com/sens-cruz-manchin-team-figh... via @YahooNews
Inga Cleaning out/wiping down the refrigerator is so therapeutic
Delete the White Sox Tipping is getting ridiculous. I was just asked to leave a tip for a self serve transaction. Sorry, but which part of me grabbing a sandwich and soda from a fridge and scanning it myself before paying for it entitles the vendor who stocked that fridge to a tip?
SOFWAC #SomeOldFartWithACamera So, I bought this oven NIB and it had bad smudges on the inside of the inside glass. It tooks some careful work, but I got the glass removed and it cleaned up perfect. Now just waiting for the sealant to arrive so I can reassemble it
Jason Valentine New oven. They weren't supposed to include the cord, because i cheaped out on installation. But I'm still happy it is there
𝚖𝚒𝚢𝚊 ☆ playing engage ): 🌼 New orv merch idea is just a magnetic fridge clip with biyoo on it... and maybe she is showing u memes
Franco How did she have time to put the kettle on 😭 https://twitter.com/thegrldivs101/status/16215102475...
Not Vex as in 🏳️‍🌈, but Vex as in 🏳️‍🌈 That moment of existential horror when you've just loaded and turned on the dishwasher, and then can't see your phone
Rose House Funeral supplies Sideloading Mortuary fridge installation for an independent family funeral director, proudly investing in their business. Thank you very much for your support
JT Performance You can always put an undercooked chicken back in the oven. However, if it's burnt - it's burnt. Treat your training the same. Start easy, and build up. Avoid injury at all costs
Azeb ❤️💛 Brace yourselves Tegaru, we will be seeing footages of AbiyAhmed and Getachew Reda hugging and kissing…..have extra milk in your fridge for your heartburns
Léonie Miles Not sure if I’d be more terrified of the boiled kettle being thrown over me or the knife
Prince Slime🐍 Jit burnt his cookies now he tryna blame the oven I’m over here dying💀
Kaza👊 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Me running to the fridge at 3am https://twitter.com/fasc1nate/status/162136471163474...
chatbots The DMZ So you're telling me we have created chatbots that can write long-form content, but there is still no dishwasher detergent that can remove spaghetti sauce stains from Tupperware containers? What a time to be alive
Hákim Going to Someones house and having the time to heat a kettle and throw it at them is outrageous
deathtrap Dave Heslop When cooker failure is not just cooker failure and the electrical magicians are required! Fun times. deathtrap
Chris Klimek All the pest control guy who was just here *really* did was pull out my oven & drop some poison behind it, but his soliloquy about his nemesis, the Norway Brown Rat, made him sound like Ahab, Quint, King David, and Ripley in one. Five yelp stars for this workaday dragonslayer
Hákim How did she have time to heat the kettle? https://twitter.com/thegrldivs101/status/16215102475...
Pediped Footwear 20 Paleo Slow Cooker Breakfast Recipes *** Need a fast and delicious way to nourish your body in the morning? Here are 20 Paleo Slow Cooker Breakfast Recipes that will fuel your body. https://agirlworthsaving.net/20-paleo-slow-cooker-...
little star I wish i had a toaster oven 😔
Gundam Gunpla Plamo AK-90 Gundam Time to draw a new Gundam Bust on the Fridge for the wife to enjoy!! 😜 Gundam Gunpla Plamo
SamFiasco! Me when I say I didn't leave the fridge open
trey wingo The original prop bet was “the fridge” to score an offensive TD in Super Bowl 20 and he did. @CaesarsSports now offers “Any Defensive Player To Score an Offensive TD” at 20/1 odds, same as when the Fridge Prop first opened. Only 1 other player has done it, Mike Vrabel https://twitter.com/caesarssports/status/16215247875...
Graham Netter Gonna Have You Going Back For Seconds? Barefoot Contessa just slammed Martha Stewart with a Roasted Easy-Bake Oven
David Johnson 13 Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes for the Busiest Days https://www.nytimes.com/article/easy-slow-cooker-c...
szpara666 Framed dishwasher makes you annihilated
Kimberly Ritter These easy Dr. Pepper slow cooker pork chops are the perfect recipe for busy nights. With only three ingredients, prep only takes minutes. Here's how to make them! https://twokidsandacoupon.com/2020/05/easy-dr-pepp...
Sameer Jha A moving stainless steel refrigerator on the road. $TSLA $TSLAQ https://twitter.com/jenzfc/status/1621346023540142083
海のワーカンナ (Worcanna) I 100% guarantee no being on earth hates a rice cooker like me... Nemesis
Today no Menu Heyo folks, kettle corn with a side of goldfish and machines are not on the menu today
insanitynow Eric Long I like a gas stove, but we’re getting to the point where these people are trying to pass more laws to protect appliances than people. insanitynow https://twitter.com/realtuckfrumper/status/162124887...
The Jídé Taiwo Didn’t realize “kettle” was London slang for what we used to call “kajo” in the 90s
eb Roger Nash With some @bragdytwtlol in the fridge too eb (@ The Little Tap House in Newport, Wales) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/ipEFD4epyhm
JUNJI'S PONYTAIL AJSJSJ I have two cats, an orange and a white, both brothers Cleo (orange) goes missing, it's all fine and dandy, he's probably chilling on top of the cabinet But if snow (white) goes missing, something's wrong, he's probably on top of the fridge laying on the eggs like he's some 🐓+ https://twitter.com/MegWegenke/status/16208645339874...
Bob Bruce Be careful of cheese; this warm weather is deadly. Well within it's UBD this "CHEER" was in the fridge and green! Sickest I've ever been after sprinkling some parmesan on a toasty. Be careful don't take risks!
Sharon That is so gross!!! Inedible. *⃣ *⃣ *⃣ She has a h-u-u-ge gas stove! She obviously doesn't care if she destroys the planet! Shame, shame, shame! https://twitter.com/ClownWorld_/status/1621250468830...
Synchro Care for a late night muffin? Fresh out the oven!
🔱 Nama 🔱 So I cooked some chicken I had in my fridge but, I had been there for a few days and apparently I read on the sauce bottle that It should be put on the fridge after opening, just know if I don't post a short tomorrow, the chicken won 👀
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