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Dec 14, 2010

Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen Fridge Features Touch Screen Powered By Linux OS

Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

The Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen refrigerator, launched in Brazil has a touch screen on the top door, which is getting attention from computer devotees all around the world, and the story is spreading in the blog community at the moment.

The main fascination among computer devotees is around the fact that the touchscreen interface is equipped with GNU/Linux operating system, being used in the Infinity I-Kitchen fridge.

Engadget, Gizmag, Slashdot, and ProFUSION are only some examples of the sources writing about the fridge

Jun 8, 2009

Pure Water Fresh From The Fridge

Electrolux ENA34305W1

There’s no longer any need buy expensive bottled water. Electrolux is cooperating with Brita® filters to provide clean water directly from the fridge, to protect your family and the environment.

The average European consumes about 105 liters of bottled water each year, with the highest consumption in Italy, Germany, Spain and France. In Sweden, average consumption per person per year is 25 liters of bottled water, while Italians consume almost 200 liters.

Bottled water represents two major problems: It is inconvenient and expensive for individual consumers and it represents a burden on the environment…