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Apr 21, 2009

The New Miele Built-In Coffee Systems – As Innovative As The First

Miele, inventor of the world’s first built-in coffee system in 1998, announces the introduction of their next generation beverage systems. The new CVA series offers innovative touch controls that take the guesswork out of making the perfect coffee, latté, cappuccino, espresso and more. The central dispenser is height-adjustable to fit espresso cups, tall mugs or decorative glasses for specialty drinks. An exclusive integrated tank keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours and allows one-touch preparation of steamed milk and froth drinks. The finishing touch… Miele’s Clean Touch Steel™ beautifully resists scratches, fingerprints and smudges.

Miele CVA 4062

Miele CVA 4062

“Push a button to select your coffee or espresso preference, push another to steam the milk and it’s that easy to make complex layered drinks like latté macchiato,” states Oliver Schmidt, Product Specialist for Miele, Inc. “We eliminated all the intermediate manual steps, thanks to the height-adjustable central dispenser spout, so it is not necessary to move the cup or glass. This innovative convenience is offered by Miele exclusively. The integrated milk tank slides easily out of Miele’s patented swing door so it can be stored in the refrigerator. And there’s no special cleaning required after each use, so one can effortlessly make a coffee in the morning and a cappuccino or latté at night. While a trained barista takes time to carefully craft each café beverage to perfection – now anyone can easily replicate these results at home with a simple touch to the new generation CVA. Economically speaking, at $4.00 a day for specialty coffee drinks, these machines pay for themselves in just under 2 years and built to last two decades,” concludes Schmidt.

CVA 4062/4066 Recognized with 2008 Good Design Award

In December 2008, Miele’s new whole bean coffee systems received the prestigious Good Design Award, presented each year by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design. Recipients are recognized for the most innovative and cutting-edge designs produced around the world. A jury of notable designers selected Miele’s coffee system as an example of distinct design, attesting to the energy, vitality and innovation current in global design today.

Integrated Milk Tank

The integrated milk tank is a Miele-unique feature. This insulated reservoir made of double-walled stainless steel keeps milk cool for up to 12 hours without any loss of quality, and guarantees uniformly perfect steamed milk. Larger quantities of cappuccino, latté, macchiato, steamed milk and milk froth can be prepared consecutively without effort thanks to the large capacity 24 oz. tank. The milk tank is held in the patented swing door and can be removed easily for filling or storing in the refrigerator. An automatic fill level monitor shows a timely message on the display when it is necessary to replenish the milk. And the type of milk makes no difference at all. Whether whole, skim, soy, goat or lactose-free milk – the results are always excellent.

The CVA 2662 capsule coffee system represents a unique combination of Miele’s exacting engineering and the exclusive savoir faire of the Nespresso® coffee capsule; two international brands working in tandem to produce the ultimate at-home coffee system.

Clean Touch Steel™

Cut down cleaning time as Miele’s Clean Touch Steel™ finish resists fingerprinting, scratches and smudges. A special treatment is applied to the stainless panel that stands up to aggressive handling – keeping the CVA surface cleaner, longer. No special stainless cleaners are required.

Height-Adjustable Central Spout

The central dispenser for milk and coffee is height-adjustable for tiny espresso cups, regular mugs, taller mugs or glasses. The wide adjustment range allows for the creation of popular decorative drinks like a macchiato or for the direct brewing of your morning coffee into your commuter mug.

Exclusive Swing Door

Miele’s fifth generation coffee system has the exclusive, unmatched convenience of a swing side door. The door opens at eye level so you don’t have to awkwardly reach down into the machine to refill coffee, milk or, in the case of an unplumbed version, fresh water.

Brewed Fresh

Other advanced details include an automatic conical grinder which ensures coffee beans are ground fresh for every cup. The brewing unit has a dynamic brewing chamber whose size increases as the water flows in. This mixes the coffee powder and water more intensively resulting in more fully aromatic coffee.

Simple Controls, Advanced Programming

A clear text display and user prompts provide simple and convenient operation. All functions of the fully-automatic coffee system can be set on the display with a light touch on the sensor buttons. Here, it is possible to select the beverage, start preparation or set custom programs such as switch-on and switch-off times, water hardness and individual user profiles. If desired, up to ten users can create their own "connoisseur profile" programmed to their personal preferences such as the fineness and quantity of beans to be ground, water temperature and quantity of milk or water per cup. Flexibility is also ensured by the pre-ground chamber which allows a portion of a second type of coffee, e.g. decaffeinated, to be added.

Fresh Upgrades for the Miele Nespresso® Capsule System

The CVA 2662 capsule coffee system represents a unique combination of Miele’s exacting engineering and the exclusive savoir faire of the Nespresso® coffee capsule; two international brands working in tandem to produce the ultimate at-home coffee system. New enhancements featured on the CVA 2662 include Miele’s touch-screen Navitronic™ controls and Clean Touch Steel™ finish.

Retail pricing for the whole bean system is estimated starting at $2,849 while the Nespresso® capsule system starts at $2,499.

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