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Apr 12, 2009

Miele Dishwashers Raise The Bar With Advanced Technologies

Introduced in December 2008, the new G 2002 series represents a giant leap forward in dishwashing innovation. Engineered to be the quietest Miele dishwashers yet, the new G 2002 series sport a Turbo feature that speeds up wash programs by up to 30%. SensorDry, the most advanced drying system on the market, analyzes room temperature to calculate the optimal water temperature, rinse aid distribution and drying time. Dinner guests will be wowed as the Drying Plus feature automatically opens the door to aid in drying while the AutoClose function softly shuts the door to start the process all over again. A finishing touch… the un-mark-able / remarkable Miele Clean Touch Steel™ beautifully resists scratches, fingerprints and smudges.

Miele G 2002

Miele G 2002

“By far, this new series embodies more technological advancements than any previous introduction,” states Oliver Schmidt, Product Specialist for Miele, Inc. “These intelligent machines automatically adjust water temperature, monitor room temperatures, drying times, rinse aid and so much more - to save not only time, but also water and energy. While consumers can see the door automatically open at the end of the drying cycle, there are dozens of engineering details they can’t see or hear behind the scenes that deliver superior cleaning performance. For instance, our new professional circulation pump makes it possible for the La Perla and other G 2002 models to run even quieter, to reduce the running time of programs and to amazingly adjust the water pressure so that programs can adapt their gentleness to the dishware being washed. The pump even aids in lowering water consumption, as the water is pumped alternatively between the upper and lower spray arms. The new G 2002 series is the highest performing dishwashers… ever. It almost makes me wonder what we’ll do to improve the next series, but we always find a way to make them Immer Besser. That’s German for Forever Better,” concludes Schmidt.

G 2002 La Perla Series Recognized with 2008 Good Design Award

In December 2008, Miele’s new La Perla series received the prestigious Good Design Award, presented each year by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design. Recipients are recognized for the most innovative and cutting-edge designs produced around the world.

Quieter and Faster

The Turbo feature (available on most wash cycles) produces quick, outstanding results by automatically adjusting the temperature of the water in the wash and rinse cycle - reducing the rinse and drying times by up to 30%. More efficient engineering processes have also shortened program cycles and improved sound ratings for quieter performance.

The Luxury of AutoClose

No one is gentle when it comes to closing a dishwasher. Often, it gets “the boot”, “the hip” or “the slam”. No matter how abusive the closing ritual, a Miele La Perla will smoothly, and luxuriously, finish the job automatically so the dishwasher closes securely and correctly. Ok, it’s also really, really cool to watch the motorized door close by itself.

“These intelligent machines automatically adjust water temperature, monitor room temperatures, drying times, rinse aid and so much more - to save not only time, but also water and energy.

Unique Advanced Drying Features

Miele’s drying process is the most innovative of any dishwasher made today. The CleanAir™ drying system circulates room air around the exterior cavity in the machine. This pulls moisture from the dishware to the walls of the dishwasher where it drains away. To assist this process, the new SensorDry feature measures the room temperature so that it can adjust the heat of the water, rinse aid distribution and drying time to maximize performance. Drying Plus opens the door automatically at the end of the cycle to let out moisture and provide superb results, especially for plastics.

Timeless, Smudge-Proof Beauty

Cut down cleaning time for the dishes and the dishwasher as Miele’s Clean Touch Steel™ finish resists fingerprinting, scratches and smudges. A special treatment is applied to the stainless panel that stands up to aggressive handling – keeping the dishwasher exterior cleaner, longer.

Beyond Clean to Hygiene

Dishware shouldn’t just look clean - for a healthy home - it should be hygienically clean. From its CleanAir™ drying system, to its third-level cutlery tray that separates items for superior cleaning, to its SaniWash program – Miele’s dishwashers promise a healthier, more hygienic clean.

The Best for so Many Reasons… Guaranteed

Miele sets the standard for dishwasher capacity with its patented third-level cutlery tray that frees the lower basket to load plates, large platters, pots and more. Miele’s upper and lower baskets have more adjustments than a chiropractor so one can always find room for that last plate or glass - while PlateGuard Plus™ and the unique StemGuard™ feature, protects tall wine glasses and plates. Three strategically positioned spray arms save tremendous time and water since they provide spotless results without pre-washing. Even the stainless interior is made from a higher grade steel so the dishwasher will look as new today as it will in 20 years, at least twice the life of an average dishwasher. In fact, Miele guarantees that their dishwashers will clean better and perform quieter than a consumer’s previous model – or their money back (see miele.com for details on the Quiet-Clean Guarantee.)

Versatility of Design

Miele dishwashers can visually blend with any kitchen décor, providing total flexibility for kitchen designers and their clients. Models are available pre-finished in white, black and Clean Touch Steel™. In keeping with today’s hottest design trends, many of the new models can be installed behind a custom cabinet door for partial or complete integration with surrounding cabinetry. Miele dishwashers come in two dimensions (an 18” Slimline model is available), to fit large and small spaces, with fully adjustable legs to accommodate a variety of countertop heights and to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications (select models).

Green While it Cleans

Every G 2002 dishwasher exceeds all Energy Star® requirements for low water usage and are crafted so that more than 90% of the dishwasher itself is recyclable. For Miele, being green isn’t a fad or a feature it’s a 110-year family commitment. Over the last 15 years in particular, Miele has reduced water consumption in its dishwashers by 50.3% and energy use by 33.8%. And Miele doesn’t stop at the product itself. Every detail of manufacturing, transportation, packaging, etc. is taken under consideration so that Miele’s production meets strict DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental performance standards. For further information, please visit www.mielepressroom.com and download the Miele Sustainability Report.

Retail prices range from $1,149 to $2,508.

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