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Jan 28, 2013

Krups Introduces Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine

KRUPS announces the introduction of the KRUPS Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine to the U.S. market. A first of its kind, this fully automatic, one-touch machine is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, offering an absolute innovation in the world of automatic coffee machines by bringing the performance of a coffee shop barista into the home with the single touch of a button.

Inspired by professionals, the KRUPS Barista One-Touch Machine tenders expert preparation of superior espresso-based beverages, whether brewing a black (ristretto, espresso, or coffee) or specialty, milk-based (cappuccinos, cafe lattes) preparation. The Barista One-Touch Machine takes care of every detail with ease from start to finish - from grinding the beans to the proper fineness, frothing the milk and dispensing the brew, to cleaning the steam nozzle - all with one tap of the large, touch screen color display.

Krups Barista EA9000

Krups Barista EA9000

"The EA9000, better known internally as the 'Barista,' really is the creme de la creme when it comes to preparing superior espresso-based beverages," says Veronique Grellier-Touzot, Marketing Director for KRUPS. "Baristas are true coffee professionals, and it is their expertise which lies behind the creation of this high-tech machine. Manufactured in France, the KRUPS Barista One-Touch Machine is the fruit of considerable R&D, industrial and marketing investment."

KRUPS passion for the best brew comes through in every detail of the Barista One-Touch design, from the conical burr mill that preserves the aroma of fresh beans to the patented thermoblock system that provides the ideal serving temperature. The KRUPS Barista One-Touch Machine caters to each "customer" individually, with the ability to save eight favorite recipes for up to eight users, giving each user the ability to customize settings for quantity, strength, and even temperature for favorite coffee concoctions.

To present a unique service to users of this advanced machine, KRUPS Barista EA9000 Machine owners will have access to KRUPS Elite Service

"Complicated coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the time-consuming brewing, frothing and cleaning process for traditional cappuccino makers often puts people off from these daily indulgences," says Michele Lupton, Marketing Communications Director for KRUPS. "With the new Barista One-Touch Machine, coffee connoisseurs can enjoy a professional brew without the hassle of home brew clean up or early morning coffee shop crowds."

To present a unique service to users of this advanced machine, KRUPS Barista EA9000 Machine owners will have access to KRUPS Elite Service (www.KRUPSElite.com). With this service, purchasers of the new machine will have access to advanced customer service lines, helpful brewing tips, and access to exclusive coffee and teas from around the world, including deals and discounts from KRUPS partners Don Francisco, Art of Tea and more, allowing connoisseurs to experience the best of what coffee has to offer from around the world.

The KRUPS Barista EA9000 One-Touch Cappuccino Machine will be available in early February 2013 at select Williams-Sonoma locations nationwide; MSRP, $2499.99.

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