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Mar 22, 2013

Jenn-Air Announces 24" Steam Oven

Jenn-Air is adding a sleek and powerful built-in steam and convection model to its high performance collection. Debuting at the 2013 Architectural Digest Home Design Show, the new 24" Jenn-Air oven is scheduled to be available this fall.

When steam is not required a Convection Bake mode provides the drier, even heat that benefits such dishes as cakes, souffles and roasted meats. Additional cooking modes include a Preset Foods setting that makes adjustments based on the selected food category; a Manual mode that enables the selection of a preferred setting; and a Steam Reheat mode that evenly warms foods without drying them out.

Jenn-Air 24" Steam Oven

Jenn-Air 24" Steam Oven

Specialty cooking and preparation modes include a Proofing mode that shortens proofing times for homemade breads and other yeast dough recipes; a Steam Defrost mode that incorporates steam for gentle, consistent defrosting of foods without hotspots; a Sous Vide Reheat mode that provides the steady, low temperatures required to reheat frozen sous-vide food to desired serving temperature; and a Yogurt mode that makes it more convenient to make homemade yogurt by providing the proper temperature for culturing the milk.

Other convenient features include a Recently-Used option that automatically compiles a list of 10 of the most recently used functions so they can be quickly accessed. For easy maintenance a Steam Cleaning option makes it easy to wipe down the oven's stainless steel interior. All models include a roasting rack, baking/drip tray, steam tray, and a temperature probe to help ensure that recipes are cooked to desired temperatures and doneness. With a 1.3 Cu. Ft. capacity and easily accessible 1.5 liter water container, the oven can accommodate everything from side dishes to entrees.

Available in Euro-Style stainless with an elegantly curved stainless steel handle, the steam ovens include trim kits for seamless installation with a Jenn-Air 27" or 30" wall oven.

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