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Panasonic MJ-L500-S

Panasonic MJ-L500-S Silver
Panasonic MJ-L500-S
Panasonic MJ-L500-S
Panasonic MJ-L500-S
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  • Vitamin server slow juicer
  • Body dimensions (width × depth × height) about width 18.5 × depth 17.6 × height 43.2cm / body mass about 4.0kg
  • Length 1.0m power cord
  • Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz), power consumption 150W
  • Rated capacity 400mL (juice cup)
  • Accessories: Japanese manual, frozen attachment, juice cup, marc cup, brush, Japanese Recipe Book
  • Color: Silver

Panasonic MX-S300-K

Panasonic MX-S300-K Black
Panasonic MX-S300-K
Panasonic MX-S300-K
Panasonic MX-S300-K
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  • Hand Blender
  • Size: blender attachment is used: about width 64 × depth 70 × height 397mm chopper attachment used: about width 139 × depth 139 × height 358mm whisk attachment is used: about width 60 × depth 68 × height 457mm / body weight: blender attachment is used: about 0.9kg chopper attachment used: about 1.1kg whisk attachment is used: about 0.9kg
  • The main material: PP resin
  • Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz), blender attachment when using 200W chopper attachment when using 200W whisk attachment when using 60W
  • Accessories: Japanese manual, dedicated cup, brush
  • Japanese manual URL (PDF): http://dl-ctlg.panasonic.com/jp/manual/mx/mx_s300_100.pdf
  • Color: Black

Panasonic SR-AFG186

Panasonic SR-AFG186 White
Panasonic SR-AFG186
Panasonic SR-AFG186
Panasonic SR-AFG186
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  • High-efficiency 2-layer induction heat rice cooker prepares up to 10 cups of Uncooked rice (20 cups cooked) and a variety of other foods
  • 13 pre-set programs automatically cook a variety of different rice, plus porridge and other cereals, soups, cakes, steamed and slow-cooked foods and more
  • Stainless, 4-layer binchotan (charcoal-coated) inner pan, plus stylish glass-screen touch panel for fingertip control and easy cleaning
  • Built-in, umami-enhancing taste catcher prevents high-temperature overflow to control inner-cooker heat for better rice texture and flavor
  • Includes 12Hr keep Warm feature and 24Hr timer, plus gourmet accessories, including adjustable steaming basket, rice scoop, cereal scoop and measuring cup
  • 20 cups cooked/10 cups Uncooked
  • Color: White

Panasonic NN-ST253W

Panasonic NN-ST253W White
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  • 800W 20-Liter Microwave Oven, 220-Volts
  • 220-240 Volts (Not for USA - European Cord)
  • Using the child safety function will make the oven controls inoperable.
  • 800W Microwave Power
  • 20 L Oven Capacity
  • 9 Auto Cooking Menus
  • Color: White

Panasonic SD-BMT2000-W

Panasonic SD-BMT2000-W
Panasonic SD-BMT2000-W
Panasonic SD-BMT2000-W
Panasonic SD-BMT2000-W
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  • Home bakery 2 loaf type white
  • In French and pan de look at things , " the contents of the pan ." Crust of bread , a so-called skin against Enlightenment French bread , to find the taste to crumb to be a content
  • East odor can enjoy a less wheat original flavor and taste , more full-fledged pan
  • By mounting the inverter motor , while fermented by warming the dough , It will be able to sleep at high speed , can make bread in just 80 minutes Compared to the regular " bread " course , swelling of bread hot from the oven is reduced
  • Size: Width 25.6 × depth 38.9 × height 38.2cm Weight : 6.9kg
  • Power consumption : 760W

Panasonic SR-JN185

Panasonic SR-JN185
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  • Electric Rice Cooker
  • 10 Cup Uncooked Rice/1.8 liter capacity
  • 5-layer Non-stick Black Fluorine Inner Pan (more durable and easier to clean)
  • Bottom Edge Dimple Pan (Expanded heating surface results in better tasting rice)
  • Steam - Steaming Basket Included / Detachable Inner Lid (Detaches for easy clean-up)
  • Keep Warm Function (Keep warm up to 12 Hours)
  • Model: SRJN185W

Panasonic SRGA421

Panasonic SRGA421 White
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  • 23 Cup Rice Cooker
  • 220-240V (Not for USA or Canada)
  • 5 to 23 cup/4.2L capacity
  • Automatic cooking of rice
  • Keep warm function - up to 5 hours
  • Included accessories: rice scoop and measuring cup
  • Model: SR-GA421
  • Color: White

Panasonic MJ-DJ01S

Panasonic MJ-DJ01S Silver
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  • Juicer 1.5L 800W Juice Extractor, Stainless Steel, 220V
  • 220-240 Volts (Not for USA - European Cord)
  • 2L Large Pulp Container and 1.5L Jug with Bubble Separator.
  • Maximum Lock Wattage : 800W
  • 2 speed Stainless Steel Juicer
  • 120 degree Rotatable Spout
  • Color: Silver

Panasonic SR-W10GR

Panasonic SR-W10GR Red
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  • Automatic Rice Cooker, Color
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Removable Cooking Pan
  • 5 Cups Uncooked Rice Cooking Capacity
  • Keep Warm Function - up to 5 hours
  • Color Red

Panasonic SR-Y22FGJG

Panasonic SR-Y22FGJG Green
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Very good
  • Effortlessly prepare a variety of rice for everyone with 12-cup uncooked capacity, and keep it warm and ready to serve when done for up to 5 hours with keep warm function
  • Conveniently cook rice and steam vegetables, fish and meats simultaneously with food-grade steaming basket and two-dish separator accessories
  • Durable, anchor coated non-stick inner cooking pan eliminates sticking, and evenly distributes heat for faster cooking and better, more uniformly prepared rice
  • Cleanup is quick and simple with smooth non-stick inner and outer coatings for cooker/steamer and accessories
  • Other conveniences and accessories include easy, one-touch controls, durable see-through glass lid, stay-cool handles, and handy measuring cup and rice scoop
  • Color: Green